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I will advocate for a vision of the future that will make all of our lives better.

What does this mean?

It might mean, for example, Highway 14 to the border.


While much of legislative business is routine, even dull, we must never let it dull us. To achieve a prosperous future we must first imagine it. I will be asking people about what kind of future they desire, for themselves and their community. It is VISION that enables us to capture opportunities before they pass us by, and it will guide the way I would represent you in St. Paul.


For example, can you envision your farm prospering five or ten years from now? Can you envision your small town come to life? Can you picture your community that your kids might not want to leave, or when they leave for a while (kids will be kids) they’ll want to come back? What kinds of growth do we want, what should change and what should not? Yes, there are customs and values that we want to preserve and not lose. But what will make your future better? Your legislator should be a person with a vision – your vision.


An example. After 40 years of trying we finally got Highway 14 four-lane all the way to New Ulm from the east, thanks mainly to the efforts of Governor Walz, who comes from this part of the state, and of the very effective neighboring Representative Jeff Brand, who should be elected again. Now I hear everybody saying, hooray for us, that’s enough. But I’ve been led to believe that there are actually people living west of New Ulm, that they have farms that need transport and communities that should sparkle and prosper. Why not Highway 14 to the border? Some say, traffic is too light to warrant it. Well, I’ve driven a lot through the south and there are all kinds of four-lane highways with light traffic. And maybe this is a “build it and they will come” both from east and west to enjoy the beauties and features of southwest Minnesota.

Exercise VISION: what could 14-to-the-border do for your community? If it’s going to take another 40 years, we’d better get started now.

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