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To my Republican friends (and relatives)

It gives me no pleasure to write this, because I care for you and know it will cause you distress. But for the sake of your love of country, which I know is as great as mine, I have to urge you to...

Please pay attention to the January 6th Committee.

No, they are not a partisan witch-hunt. They are simply hearing from Republican witnesses, describing under oath what they saw, heard, said and did before and during the violent events at our Capitol on that fateful day. They are uncovering the facts and the truth.

And the truth is that your party's leader orchestrated a multi-faceted effort to overturn a fair and free election which he knew he lost. And he's still trying.

There is a lot at stake. A widely respected conservative federal judge, J. Michael Luttig (retired) directly accused the top leadership of the Republican Party of waging a "war on democracy," said "our democracy today is on a knife's edge," and called the leader of the Republican Party a "clear and present danger to democracy."

This is why so many Republicans – like George Will, the conservative columnist, Steve Schmidt who worked on the McCain campaign, Dave Jolly, former congressman from Florida, Joe Walsh, former congressman from Illinois, Michael Steele, formerly Lt. Governor of New Jersey and Chair of the Republican National committee, and dozens of others like them – have become "former Republicans." They have not given up their political beliefs. They have only realized their party is not what it used to be, and they can't any longer support what it has become. And since their only power is their vote, they may have decided that the only way to recover their party is, this time, to give that vote to a thoughtful Democrat.

America needs a strong two party system with both parties fully committed to constitutional democracy. What can you do to bring your party back from authoritrianism, and to make sure we still have a democracy in 2025?


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