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I will respect your intelligence as a citizen and voter

What does this mean?


It’s easy for everyday citizens to feel disrespected by the people who are running things. Nobody seems to be listening, nobody seems to think you or your ideas are important and worth listening to.

My campaign theme is “Re-think your vote.” That reflects my respect for your ability to be thoughtful and reasonable as you exercise your priceless privilege to choose people to represent you.

When a politician takes your vote for granted, they are not respecting your intelligence. If they think they can get your vote “automatically” simply by using key words like “conservative,” or “pro-life,” or “Second Amendment,” or “CRT,” or “voter fraud,” apparently they think you are not capable of thinking about these issues very deeply. I’m going to assume you ARE capable and interested in basing your vote on careful thought, sound evidence, and analysis. We can dive into issues more deeply in this campaign. Then you can vote for or against me, but your vote will be worthy of you.

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