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Fully Pro-Life

I will be FULLY pro-life

What does this mean?

If you have been a “pro-life” voter in the past, I respectfully ask that you consider what I am saying here. I recognize why this issue has been an all-consuming one for you and I will invite you to continue in your concern by becoming “fully pro-life” like I am.

Because I suspect that we share a common goal regarding abortion, and that is to make it as infrequent as possible.

Here are some truths that support my own “fully pro-life” beliefs.

  • Legally banning abortions will not stop all abortions. One widely cited estimate is that overturning Roe will reduce legal abortions in the US by only about 13%. Even in countries where abortion is banned, illegal abortions still occur in significant numbers.

  • A government that can ban abortions is also a government that can require abortions – it has happened in other countries. The issue is, who is in charge of the woman’s womb?

  • While every potential abortion is a difficult, even tragic situation, there are situations in which it is the lesser of evils and should be permitted.

  • Extending legal “personhood” to the earliest moment of fertilization is an imposition of a religious view which violates the First Amendment.

  • Making abortion illegal in every situation will lead to some intolerable consequences.

Being “fully pro-life” means more than being just pro-birth. The typical “pro-life” politicians seem concerned only with banning abortions and then not caring about mothers or babies after they are born.

Being “fully pro-life” means doing what is needed actually to decrease the number of abortions. It means eliminating situations in which someone thinks an abortion is necessary. It means being concerned about not only the birth but the lives of mother, father, and baby. A “fully pro-life” voter will support public policies like these:

  • Paid family leave for mother and father

  • A minimum wage that can support single-parent families

  • Education and job training that is accessible and affordable

  • Universal medical care, pre- and post-natal

  • Programs to deal with maternal morbidity, infant mortality, premature birth, birth weight

  • Readily available family planning

  • Extending the child tax credit to pregnant women

  • Strong anti-poverty programs like food stamps, affordable housing and others

  • Affordable and available child-care for the working mom or single dad

  • Universal prekindergarten

  • If needed, legal help to assure the father fulfills his responsibilities

  • A robust and efficient foster care system

Of course, all of these should have been our obligations all along. They are policies that, when enacted, can decrease the number of abortions. They are likely to be more urgent than ever now.

If you are “fully pro-life,” you will vote for leaders who support policies like these. I will.

From past experience we know that those leaders will probably not be Republicans. They will be Democrats.

In addition to these political obligations to be “fully pro-life,” there are personal obligations, too, of which I write elsewhere.

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