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I will do all I can to preserve our democracy in the face of authoritarian threats

What does this mean?

Sadly none of the above matters very much if we don’t have a democracy three years from now. We almost lost it on January 6. Any politician who does not roundly condemn the attack on our national capitol and the conspiracy to overthrow the free and fair election of 2020 is a danger to our democracy and is unworthy of your vote.

And so I will do all I can to ward off authoritarian threats to our democracy. Sadly, those threats are coming from the once but no longer patriotic Republican party, a party I once belonged to and worked for. But that Republican Party no longer exists. Today’s Republicans have abandoned their commitment to democracy. They know that, if every American citizen would vote, they would lose badly. So rather than setting out persuasive programs to win more voters, they have resorted to voter-suppression, gerrymandering, and other undemocratic strategies – even countenancing  threats of violence – to gain power and maintain minority rule. If they retake Congress in the next election, they will surely eliminate any chance to hold accountable those who plotted to destroy our democracy after the 2020 election.


And if they put their former leader into the White House in 2022, we know what he will try to do. And then all that Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton, Lincoln and all the service men and women who fought and died through wars to preserve democracy in the world – all that will be thrown away and for what? For whom?

That’s why we need Jeff Ettinger representing us in Washington.

There is only one major party in our country today that believes in (small-d) democracy, and that is the (capital-D) Democratic party.

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