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I will be conservative where it is important

What does this mean?


Here is another place where I hope you will “re-think your vote.” Because I have noticed that many people identify themselves as “conservative.” Some politicians think that it’s enough to get your vote if they keep saying “conservative” over and over again. But I have more respect for your intelligence than that and invite you to consider what “conservative” means, and when it’s important to be conservative and when not.
First, when:

  • I am a deeply religious person, and there I am conservative. For me that is important. But I have promised not to bring my religious beliefs into politics and vice versa, so I won’t talk about that.

  • We need to be very careful about how we spend taxpayer dollars. That’s fiscally conservative.

  • There are customs and values that we cherish in our rural and small-town communities that we want to preserve. That’s appropriately conservative.

  • So is staying clear of cryptocurrency.

  • And you can feel free to order the same food every time you eat out if you want to.

But now, when not.

  • If you have a daughter or granddaughter who likes to play sports, I’m sure you get a lot of pleasure out of watching and encouraging her. Remember, though, that “conservatives” once opposed letting her do that. When I was a kid, girls could be cheerleaders and that was pretty much all.

  • If there is a woman in your family who appreciates the opportunity to vote, conservatives opposed that.

  • Social Security is providing Judy and me with comfort in our retirement (along with her union-negotiated pension). Maybe you appreciate that SocSec check too. Conservatives opposed Social Security. Many still do.

  • Do you like certain features of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) like keeping your kids on your family insurance till age 26, and not having to worry about pre-existing conditions? Wow, did conservatives ever oppose that!

  • And Medicare!

I could go on. There’s a long list of changes that made your life better that “conservatives” did not want you to enjoy. So be careful of voting simply because of the word “conservative.” Examine instead what a candidate says and does to improve your life, and then maybe re-think your vote.

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